“My comment for your service is good! You are a responsible person and you will try your best to make the things done.

Even though sometimes we will have challenges, but I can see you have devoted yourself for the work. Keep this on and get all the jobs well done!”

Best regards,
Wing Wong
( AVEDA ) ImagineX Group

“Your models & Ambassador Average is good

I would prefer to have the same model for every car show.

I believe we will continue support yours.


Zung Fu Hong Kong Limited
“I am happy with the quality of your model.

She is enthusiastic and very helpful.
When encounter any passer-by, she did well to catch their attention.
Nice work and we will certainly look into future working opportunity with your company.”
Best Regards,

Alan Li
Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd
“I would like to thank you for providing the professional modeling services at our company’s event – “Shiseido Professional Creator Qurl Seminar”
We are grateful to the models’ professionalism and excellent performance. Your outstanding service has undoubtedly contributed a great success to our event. 
Once again, we thank for all your support to the event. ”


Louise Wong
Professional Hair Care Division

Shiseido Hong Kong Ltd.
” It was very nice to work with yours, they fit all my requirements and they were really professionals. I will don’t have any doubt in considering them again for future jobs”.

Nuno Veloso

THE VENETIAN Macao~Resort~Hotel Photographer
Nuno VelosoTHE VENETIAN Macao~Resort~HotelPhotographer